Volcano Seafood was founded after the annual innovation competition at the University of Reykjavik. Few students in Marine Innovation which is taught in Westman Islands came up with the idea. Because they were in new course about Marine Innovation they wanted to do something connected to the ocean around Westman Islands.

After this three weeks course – there was so called Final Day where all the 64 groups in the course had to introduce their ideas. Few prizes were up for grabs, such as Tourist Award, Health Sector Award, Fisheries Award etc, but the main prize is called Guðfinnuverðlaunin that is referred to Guðfinna Bjarnadóttir, entrepreneur and former Rector of the University of Reykjavik.

Volcano Seafood is the first innovation company in the history of the University of Reykjavik to win both the categories that they belonged to – Fisheries Award and the main prize, Guðfinnuverðlaunin.

For winning they got to participate in the World Championships in Innovation for Universities in September 2017 in Denmark.




Fleiri fréttir

Grant from SASS

In the fall of 2018, we received a grant in the category of Business Development and Innovation Projects from SASS (Association of

Best Brand Award 2017 - Volcano Seafood

Best Brand Award

After winning the Guðfinnuverðlaun in the annual innovation competition at the University of Reykjavik the company received the right to participate in